Our cattery has 28 indoor units. Our office is situated within the cat facility and the coming and going of our clients, as well as the TV playing during the day, contibutes to the “At Home” atmosphere they
Kennels are cleaned daily and sand boxes are provided.
Owners who wish to supply their own bedding or toys are welcome to do so. Please ensure that all items are CLEARLY MARKED. Please do not bring any items that have sentimental value or which you would be sad to lose. Management will not be held liable for the loss or damage of any items supplied. Should your cat arrive with any ticks, fleas or any other nasties we will treat and charge accordingly.
Our cat boarders are fed Royal Canin Fit 32 twice daily owners are welcome to supply any special food they wish their cats to have.
We also cater for Post Op pets, Diabetic kitties that need insulin injections, etc. Critical medication will be charged at the rate of R10 per day. Should we be concered about your pet we will take them to your vet where possible, without hesitation.