1. Whilst all reasonable care and precaution is taken in looking after the animal/s at Barnyard Kennels, it is distinctly understood that no liability is incurred by the Proprietors in respect of any loss or damage to the animal/s through sickness, escape, or from any cause whatsoever

2.  If your animals have shown signs of aggression amongst each other, it is your duty and responsibility to warn us in advance so that we can prevent possible altercations. Please be advised that Barnyard Kennels will not be liable for any accounts, injury or loss should your own dogs fight with each other.

3. No responsibility will be taken for collars, leads, containers or medication etc. left at the premises.It is your responsibility to remember what you brought along.

4. Only pets that are up to date with all their annual vaccinations and KENNEL COUGH VACCINATION, will be accepted at our facilities. Vaccinations must be done at least two weeks prior to check in date. Proof of such must be provided. Accommodation for pets can be refused if not adhered to.

5. Please ensure that you tell us about any niggles, coughs etc, however trivial as it may cause us concern while you are away.